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great advice

Really friendly group and Rachel has some great advice on breastfeeding! 😊


Great place to relax

Friendly and cosy. Great place to relax with your baby and a nice cuppa.


Friendly people

Great place to go and get out of house. Friendly people and great conversations. Highly recommend.


Great place for… cookies!

Great place to go with bubs, if you’re looking for support, practise to leave the house with a newborn or just for the cookies 🍪 😁


Warm and wonderful place to network with Mums

A warm and wonderful place to go and network with other mums 🙂 and get tips and tricks from Rachel on just about everything about babies!


She is the best celebrant a bride could ask for

All my guests told me I had the best ceremony. Rachel personalised our ceremony so well. She made my wedding perfect and she is the best celebrant a bride could ask for. Has so many unique ideas and so helpful throughout. She is just amazing and there is no other celebrant out there like her. Thank you Rachel. You’re just perfect!! We love you!!!!!!

Mr & Mrs Smith

You made me feel very comfortable

Thanks a lot Rachel for being our celebrant for our wedding. You made me feel very comfortable and were very eager to make our wedding about us. You guided us Through the whole process and made the experience very enjoyable and very personal. I highly recommend Rachel if you’re looking for a celebrant.

Michael & Sarah

Quite simply, awesome!

Where do I start? Rachel is quite simply, awesome. We were originally getting married with plans for a big party in July, but then Covid-19 hit and everything was thrown into disarray. Suddenly everything go complicated and hard and we were stressed and overwhelmed. Rachel was so flexible, and patient – reading my wall of text emails and was so amazing helping us navigate through the “will we…won’t we…should we…shouldn’t we…could we… arrrgghhh” In the end we “eloped” at home, and Rachel made our tiny little wedding memorable and funny and special. If you are even thinking about getting married, give this wonderful lady a call and she will do everything in her power to make your special day THE most special day you’ll ever have.

Mrs Guinea Pig

The perfect person to lead our day

We first met Rachel several years ago when she married friends of ours. We immediately loved her style and sense of humour and we knew we wanted her to marry us! Fast forward to 2019 and we met with Rachel to discuss our wedding. She put us at ease, reassured us when we said neither of us are great being the centre of attention or talking about ourselves, and gave us confidence that our ceremony would be stunning. She took the information we gave her over the following months and wrote our ceremony. I cried when I read it! She had captured the essence of “us” so beautifully. Our wedding was 29 February 2020 and EVERYONE who attended loved Rachel. She made our ceremony so personal to us (making wee adjustments right up until the night before), rolled with the punches when unexpected things happened (like my ring arriving in… Read more “The perfect person to lead our day”

Megan & Matt

Funniest Wedding

My father said ours was the funniest wedding he has ever been to.


Couldn’t have been more engaging

Couldn’t have found a more engaging, interactive, accepting and encouraging environment to introduce us to the impending trials of parenthood. Rachel brought up the reality of pregnancy, labour and most importantly those first weeks experiencing your baby and she shone light on all possible outcomes. I appreciated she didn’t sugar coat these possibilities but acknowledged the upcoming lessons you must learn with confidence, wisdom, compassion and support which actually has continued long after we finished her course. Very grateful to you for everything you put into your antenatal preparation course. See you at coffee group soon!

Josie, Sean and baby Zephyr, Johnsonville.

engage to both you and your partner

If you want someone who will engage both you and your partner in a fun learning environment with lots of laughs Rachel is your woman! So glad we chose to do our antenatal class with her. Her fun vibrant and caring personality combined with her up to date and ever expanding knowledge on birth, babies and breastfeeding left us feeling as prepared as you can (and we were having twins!). Highly recommend.

The Ross Clan

fun, informative approach

Rachel takes a fun, informative approach to antenatal class. While knowledgeable in most topics pre and post labour (especially breastfeeding) she delivers it in a funny, honest, light hearted way and answers any question you throw at her, she is incredibly welcoming and very easy and comfortable to talk to about any topic Rachel makes a Facebook group for each class she teaches and shares on going tips and recommendations. The best thing is everyone can stay in touch.  We recently just caught up with our group plus the toddlers nearly 2 years on Antenatal class is stereotypically boring but not this one ! Lots of laughs, fun games played and no topic is too taboo. Even my husband thoroughly enjoyed it (probably even more than me!!)

Melissa Dews

You delivered with humour!

You presented in a straightforward way, didn’t mince words and were genuinely funny! You treated us like adult humans despite when it could have easily turned into a teacher-knows-best scenario.

Lauren V

Everyone was included

My husband and I particularly enjoyed how you managed to engage the males in the group by also including content primarily for the males. … It always felt like 2 hours of entertainment versus 2 hours of education – you have mastered the art of presenting information and an entertaining way!

Dearna S

A welcome environment

Rachel hosts very good antenatal and postnatal classes. The environment is welcoming and not too serious. The information relevant and easy to apply plus she sends follow up notes for those of us with baby brain! A good local class that doesn’t focus on promoting one particular brand or Organisation but rather promotes what works.

Natalie H

Strength when you need it

I’ve known Rachel for many years now. We met as I was desperately trying to find a Celebrant at short notice. She was amazing. Cool, calm, and took control to help us lock in decisions to get the wedding going. We then became friends, and Rachel was one of my support team at the birth of my second son. Kind, caring, supportive, and always holds you up. She is strength amongst women.

Heidi Wruck

Highly recommended

My husband and I attended Rachel’s antenatal classes early this year. They were extremely helpful in preparing us for parenthood. We found them informative without being preachy. She has a way of giving you information without giving her personal opinion so you have the knowledge to make your own decisions. On top of her classes she also runs a coffee group (necessary for sanity) where she happily answers all of our 5 million questions. She also offers a home service which I would HIGHLY recommend. She came over and gave us breastfeeding tips, helped out changing nappies, giving feedback and just generally giving us a confidence boost.

Michaella Forward

Photographers dream

As a wedding photographer I have worked with Rachel on numerous occasions and she a great celebrant – calm, approachable, friendly and her ceremonies are beautiful.

Paul Howell