Kia ora koutou! Hello everyone!
My name is Rachel Dudfield!
I live in Johnsonville, Wellington with
my two beautiful girls,
and my very patient husband,
and so many furry and fishy babies!

I have always enjoyed helping people, and I am in love with celebrating LOVE! So of course I was drawn to become a Celebrant. I have married literally hundreds of beautiful couples over the last six years, and I am looking forward to marrying many more.

An added bonus is I get to experience so many awesome places! From The Milk Station Ōtaki to Wallaceville House Upper Hutt. Boom Rock Ohariu Valley to Tarureka Estate Featherston, Old St Paul’s Wellington City to The Pines in Island Bay, and lets not forget to mention several amazing AirBnB’s.

I have married people on beaches, in homes, in old churches, in bars and in restaurants. A school, dog kennels, art galleries, farms, Wellington Zoo, the Makara Wind Farm, and once a traffic island. I think I know all the good spots now!

Here is my Celebrant page on Facebook

Once I had my own children, I was drawn to helping other new parents. I studied for my Diploma in Childbirth Education part time from home with two girls under three. I literally have no idea how I did it! The help I had from my friends with baby-sitting, and my husband with his proof-reading skills, and my Childbirth Educator mentors Jo and Mary was priceless.

If there is one thing that captures my heart more than a wedding, it’s helping to bring new life into the world. My Antenatal Classes are so much fun for me. I love teaching, and I love bringing activities that help people decide for themselves what their ideas around birth can be. I am constantly learning, and sharing what I have learnt from my studies, 8 years of working with new parents, and from my experiences raising my two girls.

Here is my Antenatal Class page on Facebook

Starting a local Coffee Group for parents and caregivers has been another labour of… love! I was told it wouldn’t work, however here I am 4 years later running this successful community support group.

Here I can catch up with new parents and their delicious babies from my Antenatal Classes, as well as whānau from the community. The Coffee Group is a safe space for new parents to connect and share; something that I know can be challenging sometimes. I also invite guest speakers to the group, so if there is any subject in particular our parents want to discuss, I will do my best to find a local expert.

Here is my Coffee Group page on Facebook

Image by Andreas Wohlfahrt from Pixabay

Another way I love to celebrate families is through Baby Naming Ceremonies, which is a modern alternative to a Christening. Being part of these special ceremonies make my heart sing. Life has taught us that we need to celebrate more often, any way we can. Having whānau join together from far and wide (possibly online!) to celebrate the newest member of their family is so amazing. The joy is infectious!

The thing I know best about me most is that I love to help people. Breastfeeding fascinates me, and I want to help every parent succeed with feeding any way they choose to. Sadly only 1 in 5 mothers are still breastfeeding when their child is 6 months old. I want to support mothers to stop when they feel it is right for their family, not because it just didn’t work.

I’m currently studying towards becoming a Lactation Consultant. This is a huge undertaking – all personally funded by me as there is no student loan available for international study.

One requirement of my course is to work with my mentors and parents to achieve 500 hours of hands on experience. If you need to see a Lactation Consultant, please consider letting me come with you.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about myself.
Bonus points if you read this far!

If this is your first visit to my page,
I so look forward to meeting with you and sharing your stories of love.

If we have met before, I hope this page gives you
little more understanding about who I am.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your love journey!
Because, in the end, all you need… is LOVE!

At A Glance

Registered Celebrant

Govt Dept.
Internal Affairs

Diploma in Childbirth Education

Lactation Consultant

Currently Studying