Fairy Godmother

Support for mothers of newborns in their own home.

$75 for 60-90 minutes of personalised care for Mum.

Great for families whose support network is far away.

Mama and baby feeding

Whether it’s your first baby, or your third, having a newborn in the home can be daunting. If you need support, I can help. Maybe your partner needs to go back to work, or perhaps your whānau is not close by. I can be there to support Mum just how she needs to be supported.

Rachel and Baby hang while Mama gets in a much needed nap

My role does not replace the Lead Maternity Carer’s role, rather I can support your LMCs role. This may be a chance for you to go over all the questions you’ve had since your antenatal class finished. Or perhaps I can support you in your breastfeeding journey. Maybe, just like this Mum I visited (photograph), you just need a nap. I can help here too.

Grandmother and grandbaby meet for the first time

Sometimes a new family doesn’t quite know what help they need.
Sometimes, what they need is someone to just be there.
If your newborn grandbaby is far away, maybe this is the type of support that your family could really benefit from.

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Fairy Godmother support