Here are the seven steps of how I marry couples

Step One

Contact me and we will talk about the details, such as if I am available on your day. We will then meet up and see if we’re suited.

There is no pressure to book me at this stage. Sometimes you need to meet a few people before you decide on the right match for you.

The Department of Internal Affairs have written up this handy guide to getting married in New Zealand.

Step Two

Once we’ve met and decide that I would be perfect for your Ceremony, we will lock in with a deposit.

Step Three

Now it’s time get stuck into working out exactly what nice things you’d like said on the big day. Some people want to write their own vows, some want to say the bare minimum. I will work my magic to help you with what you need to make the day comfortable, and yours.

Step Four

You will need to order the paperwork (e.g. getting the marriage licence) and I will take care of making it all legal. You can apply in person or online via the Department of Internal Affairs.
** Please note there are no registry office weddings available in Wellington, however I can provide a small wedding akin to a registry wedding if that’s your style.

Step Five

Most people prefer to have a wedding rehearsal a day or two before the wedding so everyone knows what they have to do. During this I’ll walk you through the steps and vows (not vowels) so it all goes smoothly when it counts.

Step Six

On your wedding day I’ll do my best to take some of the stress away so you can enjoy the day, I usually co-ordinate the readings, run the ceremony, make sure you remember your words, and make it legal. I will take care of sending the paperwork to the Dept. Internal Affairs.

Step Seven

Enjoy a toast! Congratulations! I’d love a photo too!