Colostrum Starter Pack

If you want to breastfeed, I genuinely want to help you. Expressing colostrum before baby is born has several benefits. 

Colostrum is the first milk your breasts produce for baby. Often called baby’s first immunisation, or liquid gold – it’s small in quantity but packed in quality health and nutrition for your baby. Your breasts start making this milk in your second trimester. After birth it will change into breastmilk between days 2-5. It is okay for baby to be fed just colostrum until your milk comes in. 

Expressing colostrum before baby is born may help establish breastfeeding easier, and this may help to relieve feeling down or depressive about feeding baby. However you do not have to do this to breastfeed successfully. It’s a choice you are able to make, if this appeals to you, and if your LMC agrees it is safe. If you do not use it, perhaps you could donate it to another baby; colostrum is especially helpful if a baby is in hospital. 

How does this help?

  • It helps you become familiar with hand expressing: the more you take, the more you’ll make
  • You have the colostrum you’ve expressed in your freezer, just in case
  • But most importantly: you see yourself making milk and believe you can do it.

Sometimes you try and no colostrum comes out. That’s okay. You’re still learning the technique, ready for when baby is born. You could even express a little bit after each feed once your baby is born. The more you take, the more you’ll make. 

Harvesting Colostrum before birth is not for everybody: I suggest you speak to your LMC first. They may even be able to supply you with syringes and caps. 

Pinky McKay has a wonderful blog post all about the importance of colostrum. You can read this here

Colostrum Kits for Sale

I sell colostrum expressing kits of
– 8 medical grade sterile syringes and caps
– labels
– instructions

$20 + $8 courier or pick up in Wellington by arrangement.