We are all very excited to announce the

All You Need To Say I Do Wedding Package




That would be me, Rachel Dudfield of All You Need Is Love (Facebook fame). Here to provide awesome weddings, memorable moments, and just generally make sure you get the ceremony you want, one that's uniquely you, not a cookie cutter clone (though don't get me wrong, cookies are always a good idea)

www.allyouneedislove.co.nz  021 138 0404


The amazingly talented Pilar Alexis LC, a freshly imported UK star of Hair and MakeupWellington (Facebook page)



The fantastically gifted Angie Curtis of Treasuring Hearts Photography (Facebook page)


4 hours shooting | 10 hours post-processing

wedding preparations | decor+details | ceremony | portraits+groups | reception highlights

~capturing the life and love enveloping those you love as you celebrate ~

250 high-resolution images | highlights slideshow ♥

~Weekday bookings for all of the above~


~Weekend bookings for all of the above~


Why book a trio?

Other than the fact that we have the most amazing time together and loooove love, Rachel and I have worked on more than twenty weddings together, and are very excited to bring Pilar on-board. We dance to the same beat and  understand what we need from each other in order to make the most of our individual expertise. You are hiring a dynamic trio* that meets your whirlwind of love...and dances with it! The best thing is it'll reduce your stress levels on the day and it's also a great option if you are coming from overseas.

The three of us do have busy weekend wedding diaries, so advance-bookings are essential...but try us, especially for weekday weddings.

*  PS If you only need a dynamic duo just give one of us a call and we'll see what we can work out... Rachel has yet to do a wedding as Batman but she has done one as Elvis 🙂